Schmerzfrei zu weisseren Zähnen mit unserem In-Office Bleaching. Durchgeführt von unserem zahnmedizinischen Fachpersonal.

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€ 169



€ 169



€ 169


A stunning and radiantly white smile is the dream of many. With KONZEPT WEISS® Munich, the No. 1 provider of teeth whitening in Munich, you can fulfill this dream easily and at a cost-effective price. Optimal advice, professional expertise and high quality standards are always the focus here. Gently, gently and without risk or even side effects, the natural whiteness of your teeth develops into a radiant smile.

The competent and qualified employees are available to you at any time and will provide you with advice and support. Make an appointment now and impress those around you with a new, radiant smile.


Before & Afterwards


Sarah T.

Completely satisfied! The staff is super friendly, I was given detailed advice and the treatment was pleasant. I felt comfortable around the clock and also received a great result.

Stefanie R.

The logo does what it promises! Concept Weiss was recommended to me by a friend & it was definitely worth it! Even in Corona times you feel safe and comfortable. Everything was always disinfected and the distance was maintained. The result? 9 shades lighter!! And that without pain.

Charlyn M.

Very nice and clean studio. The result was immediately visible and really great! Nice service and during the treatment they always pay attention and ask if everything is OK. I can only recommend it and will go there again myself.

    Teeth whitening Munich

    Anyone who starts the day with a smile has already won. Nowadays, a radiant, white smile is considered an absolute beauty feature. Stunningly white teeth radiate self-confidence and strength. Using the most modern bleaching method from KONZEPT WEISS®, such results can be achieved very easily without affecting or even damaging the tooth structure. 

    The innovative process from KONZEPT WEISS® is the optimal solution for professional teeth whitening in and around Munich. Unique results at the best possible prices are our standard. In addition, our competent and qualified team is at your side before, during and of course after the treatment. You can easily make an appointment online in advance for your new, radiantly white smile.


    We only use the KONZEPT WEISS® Master Gel, which was specially developed for teeth whitening, using hydrogen peroxide, so that a gentle and long-lasting result can be guaranteed. – and all that pain & side effects!

    White Teeth

    Our mission is to give you a radiantly white smile! We work every day to fulfill every customer’s wish of sparkling white teeth. A radiant white smile gives you a new attitude to life and more self-confidence.


    With the PREMIUM and DIAMOND packages, we guarantee you a visible color difference* after the treatment. If there is no visible lightening, the bleaching will be at our expense!


    You have the opportunity to arrange your appointment flexibly and easily. You decide when you can and when not!



    The results last up to  24 months . However, this depends heavily on daily dental care and the consumption of staining foods such as coffee or tea and nicotine. For long-lasting results, we recommend our dental care products. You can also find these in our store.

    Numerous studies have confirmed that our  cosmetic teeth whitening procedure  is completely harmless and has no side effects. However, we advise against treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    No, teeth cleaning is not absolutely necessary before treatment. A teeth cleaning primarily only cleans the spaces between the teeth. Bleaching, on the other hand, brightens your teeth from the front, so you can have your teeth cleaned afterwards in a relaxed manner. But it doesn't matter for the result.

    NO, our treatment is completely harmless because we work completely without hydrogen peroxide. There are no harmful side effects and therefore the treatment can be carried out as often as desired.

    We can whiten your teeth between 3-12 shades. An exact nuance cannot be guessed in advance, as it depends on various factors and is partly genetic. The longer the treatment, the more deposits are removed from your teeth and the brighter they become.

    No! Our concept gives you consistently white teeth. That's why you get a REFRESH card after every treatment. With the REFRESH card, the same treatment within the next 3 months will only cost you €59! - And that forever!

    Payment is made in cash after the treatment.

    Market leader in teeth whitening

    KONZEPT WEISS® Munich draws on many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We have already been able to give over 100,000 people a new smile. Numerous celebrities such as Pietro & Sarah Lombardi, Loredana, Kollegah, Fero & Co. were also enthusiastic about our work. 

    The lack of side effects and pain in particular led to numerous recommendations in the world of VIPs. Because the result was always perfect. KONZEPT WEISS® stands for professionalism and expertise. We work at the highest level and deliver unique results across the board.

    With 18 locations, we are the nationwide market leader when it comes to white teeth and bleaching. We have Germany’s  most modern  teeth whitening stores and are represented in the nation’s largest cities. 

    We look forward to being able to conjure up a beautiful smile for you too.

    Make an appointment now and see for yourself!

    We at KONZEPT WEISS® are so convinced of our unique method for teeth whitening that we even offer you a result guarantee on our PREMIUM and DIAMOND packages. In concrete terms, this means: If there is no difference of at least 2 shades of color visible, the treatment will be at our expense.

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